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Writing and Change: An Interview with Alex Meyers

A couple of weeks ago Alex and I joined other folks from our MSW program to give a presentation about the Applied Arts and Social Justice Certificate. Afterwards I talked with Alex about unfinished work. I love what she has to say about how as we change, our work changes–so it’s never truly complete. Read more about the “unfinished” project here

What is your unfinished project?

My blog is an ongoing project that I don’t know if I can ever complete. I started the blog as a deal I made with a friend four years ago. If she held up her side of the bargain then I had to start. I was moving to Yellowstone that summer so she thought it would be cool for me to write about my experiences. That’s how it started. I kept up with that for about two years and then when I moved to Guatemala I transferred platforms and kept writing. Now it has evolved again and I have a section for Portland and a section for my time in Guatemala. In the Portland section I reflect on things I learn in our program and also just everyday things that I think about and imagine other people may benefit from reading.

Why do you think it remains unfinished?

Even after I write about a topic I find myself going back to write about that topic again. I think my perception or understanding of what I’m writing about changes over time. If I wrote about something in Yellowstone, that’s four years ago, now I’m going to have a different idea or opinion of what I originally wrote. As I grow and have a better understanding of myself and my views of the world my writing is also going to change–it’s ever evolving.

When you think about your unfinished project, how do you feel? What do you think?

Sometimes unfinished work gives me anxiety. I’m typically a person who likes to start a project and finish it but with the blog, because I’ve had it for so long, I’m comfortable with the idea that it’s something I want to keep going with. It’s never going to be finished because I will continue growing and changing and as long as I continue to do that so will my blog.

“As I grow and have a better understanding of myself and my views of the world my writing is also going to change…”

Where do you keep it (the physical work and/or the idea)?

I have pieces of paper and notes scattered about–whether it’s in my room or on the dining room table. I have a bunch of different notes in my phone, nothing is ever organized. Sometimes I go through my phone trying to clean it out and I find blog topics in four different notes. I like to think that I continue to inspire myself at that point because I think, oh yeah, I wanted to write about that. I should think about it more and pursue it.

If you could look through the unfinished work of another creator who would it be? Why?

I have a couple friends from home who are really artistic and creative, their names are Liv and Ryan. Their ways of thinking are fascinating and so different from my own and from other people I know. They’re some of those people who once you talk to them you could sit there forever and you just want them to continue speaking. Ryan works in the music industry and he has an eye for visual art and writing as well. He’s just a really profound thinker. Liv is a painter and she’s also incredibly well spoken. To have them both together is so interesting because he has a completely different perspective from her. I love spending time with them because I learn so much.

Alex Meyers is a full-time MSW student at UNE and a part-time letter writer — having vowed to never let the art of handwritten letters die. She often wonders what it would be like to be organized but prefers chaos to keep her on her toes. She’s constantly seeking adventure, new creative outlets, and cute local coffee shops.


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