practicing / liberation / commitment


We are always practicing. Today I am practicing the pause, eating when I’m hungry, coming to each interaction with openness and intention, noticing the hooks of avoidance.

I recently finished reading Emergent Strategy by Adrienne Maree Brown. I read it quickly and left it dog-eared, underlined, and crinkled. There’s so much wisdom in there, so many ideas that I find useful and revolutionary, applicable to the tiniest, most personal moments and the largest, most ambitious social movements.

We are always practicing something. Without intention, we are usually practicing what the dominant society wants us to practice…Make it so that the relationships and formations you are in are places to practice liberation. – Adrienne Maree Brown

Edith Zimmerman created a comic about her first year of sobriety and Ann Friedman shared it in her newsletter. It rocked me. I’m still collecting my thoughts and feelings but the notes I scribbled while reading were about repetition, the personal revolution that is handwork (in her case, knitting), and honoring the sources of our inspiration.

I’m interested in the seduction of the quick fix and the crowning achievement. I’m interested in how these ideas hook me and pull me away from the everyday work that takes commitment, is hard to measure, and isn’t always easy. It’s good for me to zoom in and out, focusing on the next right step and then the impact of these many small steps in succession.

“Small is beautiful. Small is all. The large is a reflection of the small.” – Adrienne Maree Brown

Collage made from Lapham’s Quarterly and Kinfolk while listening to Sun Kil Moon.