I am a social worker, facilitator, community organizer, and writer. The power of stories and storytelling is the unifying thread in all that I do. I believe that people have a deep need to discover and tell their stories, and I create spaces that make this possible.

I have an MSW with a clinical concentration, a BA in social work, and 80 hours of training in mediation.

These are some of the ways I collaborate to create spaces for storytelling:

  • I support the development of strong organizations. At The Center for Participatory Change I listened to the needs, experiences, and ideas of grassroots groups working for racial and economic justice. I supported these groups in seeking funding, choosing values-based leadership structures, and building regional coalitions to address common issues.
  • I design innovative curriculum and facilitate group learning. I lead groups for women who want to explore ways to magnify their creativity in business, art, relationships, and everyday life. I developed and teach a social work course that prepared students to facilitate writing workshops for people incarcerated at the Cumberland County Jail.
  • I research collaboration. Along with Kelly Shetron, I interview creative people about collaboration and partnership. These interviews are collected and shared as Two Create—a place to explore how relationships fuel, inspire, and support what we dream, make, and do.
  • I inspire individuals to create. I interview writers and other creative people about their process, what fuels their passion, and how they hope to contribute to the world. You can read more of these interviews at Freerange Nonfiction and Slice Magazine.

In all that I do, I value work that is participatory, believing that each individual has unique knowledge and experiences to share and that we are all both teachers and students. I’m passionate about collaborations and thrive when I’m a part of people’s dreaming processes. I’m happiest when I get to ask questions and then listen to the incredible insights that individuals, groups, and communities have to share. Together, we use this process to imagine new possibilities and create positive change for individuals and communities.

Questions? Ideas? Opportunities to collaborate? Please be in touch.